Our Design Process

It can be daunting hiring an Interior Designer. We find it helpful to give an idea of our process so that you know what to expect. This is a general guide which covers most projects but is tailored to each project based on the specific requirements as we proceed.

We work in stages, moving from the gathering of the client brief to design concept and finally to installation.

This process is accompanied by mood boards, floor plans, detail drawings, room renders and specification drawings where necessary.

The first meeting is an initial design consultation.

The goal at this meeting is to get a feel for the scale of the project and to identify the areas or items you want to concentrate on.

For example; spatial layout, kitchen & bathroom design, furniture that you have or particularly want to find, storage solutions, lighting, window treatments etc. It is always helpful if you have any visual references or inspirational images these can be tears from magazines, photos or references to places that appeal and so on. These can be a great starting point for us.

At this stage we will present the design concept. This will be accompanied where possible with images and samples of products that will aid in understanding and visualising what we are proposing.

Decisions made at this stage will allow us to tailor the concept for the final stage of the design process.

The final stage in the design process is more specific. This stage is about finalising the various elements previously discussed. This allows for the creation of the budget which will include a list of each item/element listed by room.

Following this stage you will have a clear idea of the visual concept and how that corresponds to the budget.

We will then be able to prepare an accurate budget and scope of works.

Once a scope of works is identified we can outline a schedule and agree a start date. At this point we can discuss any queries you have regarding how the project will be implemented.

We also offer and one time 2 hour consultation. This service is intended to provide our hands-on clients with all the information and ideas necessary to execute their own project. It is a great way to extract all the tips and tricks the Nspace team have accumulated over the years and get inspired to be your own decorator. Think of this as a 2-hour crash course in d├ęcor delivered one-to-one.